The accidental bunny girl!

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About me

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Juniper, I'm an accidental bunny girl who lives in the attic of the Wagtail Bookstore, and I'm a freelance artist and variety streamer!I'm from Australia, and I've been streaming since February 21st 2021. I've been doing freelance illustration work since 2016, starting with traditional art and turned to digital in May of 2021, using a HUION KAMVAS Pro 12 tablet, Clip Studio Paint, and sometimes Procreate with an iPad gen 9!I stream on Twitch and currently don't have a set schedule, although I try to stream at least 1-2 times a week. I like to focus on streaming art and cozy games paired with fun chats and lofi music, however sometimes I need something high energy and will stream games like Risk of Rain 2 from time to time!My goal is to create a comfortable environment where we can hang out, chat, and feel safe to be ourselves!I hope you enjoy your stay!


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Model art: @JuuniperBunny
Model rig: @leaf_theqt
Overlays: @leaf_theqt & @JuuniperBunny
Logo: Original one: @leaf_Theqt & @JuuniperBunny, updated one: @ochibrochi
Emotes: @JuuniperBunny & @Lyssanah
BGM: Stream Cafe
Starting/Ending/BRB screens: @JuuniperBunny
Leaf stinger animation: BizarreBeasties on Etsy
Pastel stinger animation: TwitchStreamerShop on Etsy
Thank you to everyone who helped me make my streams look and run nice! <3


Please note that the due dates may change due to life circumstances. With every commission I receive, I always try to keep the commissioner regularly updated on progress, so I ask, if you commission me, to have patience if something unfortunately gets delayed. Thank you for your support!CURRENT COMM STATUS: Closed!

CommissionerCommission typeStatusDue
AgroCrocodilianLive2D modelRenderingNo deadline

Commission info!

Thank you for taking interest in my commissions! Please read this page thoroughly before moving to the price list :)


-Commissions are accepted based on how well I think my skills are suited to the request, and my level of enthusiasm to work on the project, not on a first-come-first-serve basis. When you enquire about a commission, please include as much detail as you can, and I will let you know whether I accept or reject the enquiry.- All of my custom illustrations are for personal use only unless you ask me otherwise. For your personal use, all I ask is that you give me credit if you post it anywhere. This includes profile pictures, banners, featured on stream schedules, etc.- If you ask, and I give the OK to use my illustrations for commercial use (merchandise, Twitch/YouTube, etc.), I will add a 50% fee on top of the set commission price. Only exceptions to this are reactive PNGs and emotes, which stay at the set price (not including a complex character fee or if the PNG/emote is to be used as merch).- All payments are PayPal only. You can choose to pay the full fee upfront, or 50% at the start, and the other 50% before delivery. The first 50% is non-refundable.
- I will send a watermarked final piece to you and when the artwork is approved and payment is received I will email you the full final piece, unwatermarked.
- Once the sketch is done and you have approved it, there is no changing the artwork composition. You must tell me if there is something to change while it's a sketch. Colours can be changed up to 3 times if needed.- You may not alter or edit my work in any way without my permission.- I do not condone my work being used for NFTs or AI generated art sites. Do not work with me if you wish to use my work for these things.Refund policy:
Full refunds are not given once I have started working on the art piece. If you have paid 50% upfront, that money compensates for the work I have already put in, and if you decide to drop the commission, you do not have to pay the final 50%.
If you pay in full upfront, you will be refunded up to 50% of the final payment depending on how much work I have not completed.
Refunds are accepted in emergency circumstances or if I take longer than 4 months to finish your commission (unless deadline is discussed prior and you are aware of how long I will take to finish the piece).By clicking 'agree', you are agreeing to the previously mentioned, and the following:
- I have the right to use the finished commission in my portfolio.
- I have the right to stream the creation of the artwork on Twitch or in my Discord server unless you state otherwise.
- I have the right to post the finished piece on my social media, unless you state otherwise. I will not post gift art without permission from you.
- I have the right to refuse service if I am uncomfortable by your commission request, your payment is very late, or if there is any inappropriate behaviour.
- You understand that I work at my own pace due to my disabilities and fluctuating energy levels. If your commission has a due date, I will get it done by then, but please give me enough time to finish it. Do not commission me if the due date is a couple of days away, I need at least a week!

Commission types


Drawn either in MS Paint, Paint . Net, or in Clip Studio Paint.
All digital commissions come with a colour background (except MS Paint doodles), unless stated otherwise. I can do a simple background if requested, but I have the right to decline drawing it if I feel it is out of my skillset. I will also happily design characters/outfits for you, but if you plan to use the design for commercial purposes the commercial use fee will apply!
If your character is complex, I will add a 30%-50% fee on top of the set commission price, depending on if it's polished or a sketch. To get a quote on a price, please contact me with all details of the art you'd like including character references and poses.

MS Paint mouse doodle

Intentionally scuffed and drawn with a mouse.No props unless they are simple, no backgrounds, or complex posing. I will only draw 1-2 characters per piece.

- $15USD per character
- Full body only


Coloured digital sketch, will have imperfections. You can choose pencil-like lines or pen-like lines. Poses are experimental, I will pick what I think suits the image unless you have a very specific idea in mind.- Bust shot: $30USD (+$15USD per extra character)
- Half-body: $35USD (+$25USD per extra character)
- Full-body: $45USD (+$35USD per extra character)
- Chibi: $35USD (one character, full body only)
- Outfit design (sketchy): $80USD+ (for existing character, complexity fees still apply)
Background fee: $10USD for simple background.
Props fee: $6USD per prop (simple small animals count as a prop. Complex/big animals count as an extra character)
I will not draw weapons or armor.


More detailed and heavily shaded work of various kinds. Scroll to see what I offer!
Simple background: $15USD
Simple props fee: $10USD per prop (simple small animals count as props, complex/big animals are an extra character.)
I will not draw weapons. Armor counts as complex.

  • Portrait: $50USD (+$20USD per extra character)

  • Half-body: $70USD (+$50USD per extra character)

  • Chibi: $50USD (one character, humanoid and full body only)

  • Full-body: $90USD (+$70USD per extra character.)

  • Reactive PNGs (just face changing, no pose change): $60USD

  • Emotes: $20USD each (+$8USD per extra character - in a hug emote, for example)

  • Reference Sheet: $130USD (props or complexity fees may apply depending on what the reference sheet has on it!)

  • Outfit design (polished): $100USD+ (for existing character, complexity fees still apply)

  • Character design: $250USD+ (ref sheet included, commercial use and complexity fees still apply)


Furries / Ferals

Reactive PNGs


Reference Sheets

Can be shaded or flat colour. Depending on what you want on the sheet, I can leave certain parts blank for you to add your own details.


Drawn on paper with traditional media such as pencils, markers, and ink. You can choose either a scanned image, the physical copy mailed to you for a $5USD fee, or both.If your character is complex, I will add a fee on top of the set commission price, depending on if it's polished or a sketch. To get a quote on a price, please contact me with all details of the art you'd like including character references and poses.I currently don't offer many variations of this type of commission. Apologies!


Pencil or pen sketch, either uncoloured or loosely coloured with markers.- Pencil portrait: $12USD (+$8USD per extra character)
- Pen portrait, loosely coloured: $20USD (+$10USD per extra character)
- Pencil half body: $20USD (+$10USD per extra character)
- Pen half body, loosely coloured: $30USD (+$12USD per extra character)
Complex pose fee: $5USD
Prop fee (simple props and small animals): $2USD per prop
Big or complex animals count as an extra character.
I will not draw weapons or armor.

Character cards

Pokemon card-sized art of your character!$65USD each, one character per card. Includes shipping cost in price.This commission type includes:
- A choice of general pose
- A choice in the outline colour and background colour(s).
- If you want the name written in a certain handwriting style, I can replicate the handwriting to the best of my ability.
This card WILL be mailed to you, so if you commission me for one of these please be comfortable giving me your postal address.

Examples of my work!

Currently on commission hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. Keep an eye on this space for updated prices in the future.
Sorry for the inconvenience.